Computer Repairs

Home & Small Business Solutions

Cisco Certified

We are cisco certified which means we’re able to handle all your networking solutions from home to ISP level.

Experienced with Windows

We’ve been around windows based systems from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7.

Experienced with Linux

Our Linux experience is more server side rather than client side, ranging from CentOS to homebrew flavors of Linux.

Home & Small Business Solutions

Need to remove viruses or spyware?

Any computer that has a virus should not be used while handling important data, the infected computer should be cleaned and updated as soon as possible. If the computer in question isn’t dealt with, an unexpecting victim could lose the important data such as bank account details and passwords.

We believe that a complete operating system reinstallation (formatting) should be considered as a last resort, with the right tools the infected computer can be saved.

Please contact us if you need help regarding this, we’re able to help.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Is your computer running slowly? or would like it to be faster? We can do this for you, we’ve years of experience installing computer hardware.

Home & Business Networking Solutions

vNode Technologies are able to supply a networking solution custom to your requirements from home networking upwards to high end 10GbE routing & switching. We also support Velocity LANs with their network.