Gaming Web Package


Valid Code

We code valid CSS and XHTML. This helps your website on many levels, it loads faster, is understood by search engine spiders, works in all browsers, and is very easy to integrate with any CMS such as VMiS™.


We will arrange your content to maximize the clicks through to your highest return product or most important page.

Custom Website Design

We create our websites from scratch using the best design techniques in the business. Our designs use the finest elements of typography, usability, optimisation, and colour profiles.


Studies have found that most people won’t wait more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. We make sure this doesn’t happen.


Flow is how customers navigate your website. You can only discover this by tracking every click of every user. We’ll set up software to track user flow so we can modify your layout to maximize your sales. We’ll arrange your content to maximize the click-through to your most important page.

User Experience

User experience starts with the first impression of your site. From the colours, to the message, to the layout and scale, we create great user experiences and return visitors.

Google Rank

Ask us how we can help you reach a wide range of potential customers and gain rank with Google.

Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimised content is important. We’ll help you write content that is clear and search-engine-spider friendly.

Gaming Web Development

Developing a website and launching it to the Internet is quite a difficult task, even with the best content management system available on the market. At vNode Technologies we know the challenges associated with developing and launching websites because we do it every day.

We understand the design process, from project definition, site structure, visual design, site development, test & refine and finally the launch. We aim to make this process as easy as possible.

To make it as easy as possible for you to launch a professional website as quickly as possible we use our own custom made content management system (VMiS). Built from the ground up, it’s the easiest way to manage your website/application.

Built with usability in mind, it’s extremely easy to update your web presence any time of the day or night while being secure. VMiS also has a very rich, easy to use GUI (graphical user interface).

VMiS has an extensive database support which consists of Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL5, and many other popular systems. So it’s able to embed it’s self into almost any platform.

Responsive web design is now our core focus for new high tech websites, instead of creating multiple versions of websites for desktop, tablet and mobile use we create your website with a responsive web design that adapts to every web browser. This lowers the cost and makes it more streamlined for your viewers.

Static Budget Semi Dynamic Budget Dynamic Pro Dynamic Custom
VMiS Platform Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Design no no Yes Yes
Pages Included 3 6 10 Unlimited
Update Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forum Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self Management Modules
Static Budget Semi Dynamic Budget Dynamic Pro Dynamic Custom
Administration CP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertisements No No Yes Yes
Affiliates No No Yes Yes
Sponsors Yes Yes Yes Yes
History No No Yes Yes
Downloads Center No No Yes Yes
Photo Gallery No No No Yes
Events No No Yes Yes
News Articles No Yes Yes Yes
Server Listing No No Yes Yes
Team Profiles No No Yes Yes
Static Budget Semi Dynamic Budget Dynamic Pro Dynamic Custom
Costs* $250.00 $400.00 $750.00 Contact Us
Extra Modules $35.00 each $30.00 each $20.00 each N/A
Hosted Option 5% off hosting 10% off hosting 10% off hosting 15% off hosting
Order Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

All of our web development services are able to have the following integrated.

Website Tracking, Marketing & Advertising

Google Analytics or Piwik

  • Externally track visits
  • Page views
  • Referring sites
  • Average time on website
  • Bounce rate
  • Much more

Integrated Advertising Campaigns & Networks

  • Google Adsense
  • AdBrite
  • PeerFly